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3 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

There's rarely a day we don't seek the advice of experts to help us - teachers, doctors, therapists, friends. A personal trainer is a valuable resource often overlooked, who can provide endless benefits for both our physical and mental health. And who doesn't want to live longer and better?! There's no reason to feel intimidated about the time or financial commitment. Working with a trainer for just a handful of sessions is a priceless investment in your personal well-being. Here are a few reasons why...

New to exercise

You're ready to jump on the fitness band wagon! But before you enroll in group classes, consider hiring a personal trainer first. Fitness classes are fun, affordable and a great way to stay motivated to workout. However, classes tend to move quickly, and as wonderful as the instructors are, it is unlikely you will receive individual attention. A personal trainer will teach you and/or review all the basic exercises, movements and pitfalls to avoid. This will help ensure you get the most out of your group workouts and are more likely to stay injury-free. Depending on your motor development, 3-5 sessions should be enough to get you rockin' and rollin' in that hot HIIT class!

Not seeing results

You are self-motivated, disciplined and comfortable in a gym or using fitness equipment. However, you're no longer seeing the results that you once did and ultimately strive for. Believe it or not, one reason for this plateau could be your workouts. Performing the same exact exercises over time and/or using the same amount of weight, at the same tempo, can put your body into a state of homeostasis. A personal trainer will tailor workouts to you, your body and your goals, offering a variety of new exercises, movements and progressions that you can add into your existing routine. A few sessions with a personal trainer will help refresh your mind and jumpstart those muscles.

Working the “boring” muscles

Like being forced to eat your vegetables as a child, there are certain exercises or movements, you just don't want to do! You may not see the point of doing them because you don't think they contribute to your “vanity muscles.” However, this is far from true. Even though you may not see a particular muscle when you look in the mirror, this does not mean it's not important. All our muscles are connected in one way matter how large or small. And strengthening as many of them as possible is vital to your continued health and wellbeing. In a personalized session, a trainer will explain the necessity of doing certain movements and offer ways of making even the most mundane much more fun and effective.

As a personal trainer for women in Raleigh, I myself have hired trainers. For me it was about wanting to learn a new technical exercise and wanting to lift heavy weights in a safe environment. There are many reasons to hire a personal trainer and it doesn’t have to be a long-term investment.

Daryn Jankovic is the owner of

MOVE Fitness for Her in Raleigh, NC

She specializes in women’s health of all ages

and various stages of life. She believes women

are stronger when we work together. She will be

opening in summer of 2022 a child friendly private

gym in Northridge, Raleigh.

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