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Raleigh's all inclusive private training studio for women in all phases of life 

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Pre-Natal &Post-partum Workouts,

Pelvic Floor & Diastasis Correction,

Menopause & Strength Training Technique

fitness training for seniors

New Clients Receive

10% Off Any Package

Through The Month of May.

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Training with Daryn

Move fitness for her - coach Daryn

Hi! I’m Daryn. Owner of MOVE Fitness for Her. Starting my own personal training business was a no brainer. I had always been into sports and moving my body and that coupled with a background in Women’s Studies set up the perfect catalyst to start MOVE Fitness for Her.  

I have struggled as a female with body image issues, then with finding “me time” in a world that’s all about my children, and now fighting the effects of middle age and trying to accept the aging process.


As a woman I know that I am not alone and as a personal trainer/health coach for women, I make it my mission to help women feel more confident in their skin and to not be afraid to put themselves first.

I am certified  through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In order to keep my certificate updated, I am continuously educating myself in women's health. This includes pre and postnatal fitness, corrective exercise (knee and hip pain, posture, and tech head and neck), and small group fitness. I specialize in weight loss, diastasis (separation of abs after pregnancy), pelvic floor issues (leaks and weakness), core and stability.

You can expect a well rounded workout from me that will include mobility, strength, cardio and flexibility. I believe in building a strong foundation with proper form and body awareness that you can use outside the gym.


I make it my mission to help you  become physically balanced so that you can continue living your life as you imagined.

Our Services

M.O.V.E. 5

 45 min / 5 sessions -  New to personal training? Not quite ready to commit? This is a great start for getting your feet wet and learning proper strength training form and body awareness.

Home training concept. Strong senior woman doing exercises with dumbbells indoors. Cheerfu
Just M.O.V.E.

Curious about personal training? Then sign up for a single session. Or pay as you go if you do not 

M.O.V.E. 15

45 min / 15 sessions This is a great package for those that want to add strength training

1-2 times per week into weekly fitness routines.

M.O.V.E. with Friends

Affordable and social. A customized workout for you and your friends.

M.O.V.E. 30

45 min / 30 sessions - Train 3 times per week for  2 weekly home workouts, 20 min weekly check-in: food, meal prep, mindfullness.

Includes body measurements and BMI checks, personalized support.

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M.O.V.E. Corporate

In-person or virtual team building events or weekly movement sessions. 

Personal Trainer for Women

"I don't believe in fad diets or quick fixes. I do believe that small healthy changes to your daily life will create everlasting positive habits".

- Daryn



Daryn meets you where you are in terms of your fitness level.


“I felt a very high level of commitment from Daryn.”


Daryn truly believes in all her clients and pushes you to do your best..”


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